~~~~~~~~~ "We are here for only a moment, wanderers and sojourners in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace." I Chron. 29:15 NLT

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Been Here

As you can see, I've been back briefly to update the blog to a wintry theme.  I wanted to do a red, white, and green blog for Christmas, but decided for as much work as it is, I would just do winter with a splash of pink to brighten it up.   If I have time I can always add red and green to the current theme.

I plan to follow-up soon with pictures to catch up with what's been going on--been busy.  Nothing bad has happened while I've been gone, at least nothing major.  There have just been a pile-up of activities that leave little energy for journaling and blogging.

I don't expect that too many of my casual readers have stuck around to see if I'm going to post anytime soon.  But, family will no doubt get a kick when they read this that the one thing consistent about me is my inconsistency.  

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm praying everyone else did too.  More about that later.  I had to do little preparation or cooking this year.

Now to push forward to Christmas in one month.  Whoever set up the dates for these two holidays didn't put thought into how much preparation must be squeezed into so short a time.  Is it real history, or fickle men, we have to thank?   Maybe someone with more time than I can figure it out.  If memory serves me right, it's  some of both.

"When they went to bed, only their bodies rested;  their minds went on thinking, deciding, wondering..."   ~Katherine Mansfield  (Taken from 100 Years oWomen's Wisdom by Angela Beasley Freeman)