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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Judgement House

This weekend and the next, our church is having a Judgement House presentation. Many of our members have been working on it for several months. This is the second year Grace Community Church in Newton, Kansas has presented Judgement House. Last year, over 300 church members were involved and we had more than 700 people come from all over Kansas and the surrounding states. It is a life-changing experience for not only visitors who come to see the presentation, but for those involved.

"What is Judgement House," you ask? Here's the url to the website that explains it: http://www.judgementhouse.org/What-Is-Judgement-House-_39_pg.html . JH usually occurs this time of year to give people, especially youth, an alternative to Halloween. You can find a listing of locations at: http://www.judgementhouse.org/Covenant-Partners-Near-You_23_pg.html

It's a very busy time, but also exciting, when many people who have considered accepting Christ learn at JH how important it is to make that decision. When over 400 souls last year either made a decision to accept Christ, rededicated their life to Him, or had a concern for a family member or friend, all the work and fatigue, the attacks from evil forces on those involved, were worth it. The cost seems great, but not as great as the price Christ paid on the cross for the world to be forgiven and rescued from the darkness of sin.

Please pray for God to be working in the lives of all those working with, and coming to, our Judgement House, and all Judgement House presentations around the U. S. It's apparent that Satan doesn't want the work of JH to go on because it takes many out of his clutches. Some who are working in the scenes are experiencing illness, depression, and anxiety. Now, all of these struggles happen to people everyday, but it's happening to many more than usual. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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lookuptoday said...

Wow, this is the first time i have heard about JH. Amazing! I will keep you in prayer. Tell us how it turns out. Dee