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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I always appreciate a good joke...

however, I grew up Mennonite, so unless you are, were, or wanna be a Mennonite, you may not understand some of the Mennonite jokes--altho' Mennonite behavior is probably universal. In that case, welcome to the "club."

There are these three ministers on a boat. A Baptist, a Catholic and a Mennonite. The boat is sinking in stormy seas. The Baptist minister yells to the catholic "I haveta confess. I had an affair with our church secretary and with another member!" The Catholic priest realises that it's his turn to make peace with his maker and confesses his sins as he yells back to the Baptist "I've gotta confess myself. I tend to nip a little at the holy water when noone else is around and enjoy getting plastered." The listening Mennonite minister just sat there, listening with his mouth wide open.

The storm died down and the boat stayed afloat. All are relieved, but the Baptist and the Catholic minister are concerned about their confessions. They turn to the Mennonite minister and encourage him to confess his secret sin, also. The old Mennonite minister sat silent for a moment, debating whether or not to drag a skeleton out of his closet. Finally, he said "I have a real problem that neither of you would understand." The Baptist minister says "Well, speak up!" The Mennonite minister, in a sigh of resignation, said "I really find it difficult to keep myself from gossiping."

(Resource: http://members.tripod.com/~Willoewen/menlon.html)


Betty said...

hahaha LOL. I get it, ´cause I´m a Mennonite!! I found you through a comment on "a simple woman" and am so glad I did. Finally someone with the same background!
I will be checking back frequently and have added you to my blogroll. I hope that´s ok!

lookuptoday said...

Hi,I love your blog, I look forward to more visits. May i add you to my blog list? Stop by my blog anytime. Dee

lookuptoday said...

Hey,What a happy surprise to find you on my follower list. I am having so much fun meeting new people and experiencing their creativity. I like your blog title. Have a blessed day. Dee