~~~~~~~~~ "We are here for only a moment, wanderers and sojourners in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace." I Chron. 29:15 NLT

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of Those Days

Remember that beautiful Autumn Blaze tree in our backyard I pictured below. Here's a reminder of it. Then, last week, Kansas winds came howling down from out of somewhere, maybe the Dakota prairies, and blew the leaves off in one day. Now we have many bare trees instead of only a few. Oh, it had to happen eventually. But all in one day? Below is another picture from another side. The Burr Oak tree in the background still has plenty of leaves, but it isn't as showy. I'm trying to adjust to bare trees, believe me I am. We've got to plant an evergreen in our yard.
It's one of those gray, cloudy, drizzly, chili fall days which I used to love because I knew it was time to cocoon. But now, I'm just kind of in limbo until the sun comes out again. Is it an age thing? Fall and Winter are reminders of what phase of my life I'm in and about to enter. You know, the last half or one-third, which if I'd live another half of my life I could live another 60 years, or another 30 if I'm in my last third. That's quite a few years.
I'm not one of those who believes that life just throws things at us. In most things we have a choice, and in others we at least have a choice how we're going to react to what happens. "Depression is a choice," it's been said (A.B. Curtiss). Maybe like the trees who lose their leaves and rest during the winter months, depression is a kind of rest. A time of recuperation from the activities and pressures that the sunny, longer days of summer impose upon us.
"There is a time...," said Solomon in Ecclesiastes 3. Cocooning may not be such a bad idea. Now is the time, after a rough presidential campaign, and an economic roller coaster, after a summer of daylight savings time, to put aside our striving and sit down in an overstuffed chair to read a good book. Have a happy read on a cloudy day and don't feel guilty about it to the point of depression. Just enjoy and rest.
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Letters From Midlife said...

I'm of the same mindset about things like depression. Sometimes it may be due to a real physical reason, but a lot of times I think it is God's way of getting us to pay attention to a need we're neglecting (fatigue, unresolved conflict, angst over something, etc.) I don't think anyone chooses to be depressed but I do believe other choices can lead to it. Good post.

Donna's Book Nook said...

I have been feeing a bit depressed and thought it was just the change in weather. I appreciate your thoughts. I have things going on in my life that I could get depressed about, but I'm going to try to choose to stay positive. Meanwhile, I think I will curl up with a good book! Donna

Blue-eyed Blonde said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Cindy and Donna. Depression can definitely be a biological imbalance. Whatever the cause we can choose to seek treatment, and the quicker the better.
In 2 Cor. 4:16-18 Paul reminds us that we have been given the Spirit to help us "live by faith and not by sight." When my emotions were in an upheaval, reading God's Word kept me focused on Christ's love for me. I'll probably be sharing more about depression since I've dealt with it for most of my life. "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

lookuptoday said...

Hi, Sometime all we need is a hug. So here is one from me..((Hug)). I have a food allery that can cause depression in me if i am careless with my diet. Fall and Spring are hard on me because of the mold. Know matter the cause's depression is tough. Prayer is extremely important and **friends**. I am still in Illinois having a good visit but i am to pooped to posr :) i will be home on Monday. Dee