~~~~~~~~~ "We are here for only a moment, wanderers and sojourners in the land as our ancestors were before us. Our days on earth are like a passing shadow, gone so soon without a trace." I Chron. 29:15 NLT

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Weekend

Here is Alana with her before (lower picture) and after (above) pictures when she gifted the tooth fairy last Friday.
Look what the UPS man brought! Already assembled, no batteries needed, self-propelled, complete with blue eyes, blond hair, button nose, and the cutest smile. We love that little doll!

Alana loves to play soccer.  Her team's first game was Saturday morning.  She made two goals, so she got to wear the shirt all day.  She's a fast runner and has a strong kick with an accurate aim.  I know 'cause when she was practicing at home I was on the receiving end of one of her balls and--well, it kind of stung, "Ouch!"

Dean took Amy out for dinner Saturday evening for her 34th birthday.  We entertained the kids for them, or rather the kids entertained us.  It's fun to be a part of their bath time, getting them clean and fresh for Sunday School on Sunday morning.  They were all asleep by the time their dad and mom came to pick them up.  They slept through the process of getting them buckled in their seats, and slept through the reverse process when they got home.  Guess we still have the energy to wear them out, huh?

We had one of the kids' favorite dishes last Saturday night--Spaghetti! I couldn't believe how much our little April ate. The best way to eat is with your spoon in one hand while you stuff the food in with the other hand.

She kept saying and signing, "More. More," at least four or five times, like a little bottomless jug.

Saturday afternoon we had a gully-washer.  The rain poured down for about 5 minutes.  It was nice and cool after that.  We needed some rain to clear the air of summer.  Hopefully, we've seen the last of ninety-degree temperatures.  We're looking forward to a beautiful week of fall weather here in Kansas.

At the grand children's house, there's a horizontal laundry chute from the front bathroom to the laundry area.  A tunnel with lots of possibilities, that is, when it's empty.

This time Derek was a puppy while Alana was the mother-dog. Even April got involved by "arf, arfing," along with them.  Altogether they sound like more than just three pups.  There's never a dull moment around those three.

Alana takes her age seriously which means she usually plays the dominant role.  Wonder how much longer that will last?


Donna's Book Nook said...

Your "Grands" are adorable! Glad you were able to enjoy them--sounds like you were definitely entertained!

Dee said...

There is nothig like grands to make one's heart smile. Love the little spaghetti face and the missing tooth. :)

Allen and Debby Graber said...

We had a laundry shoot when the kids were little and they loved throwing things down it! (it was vertical, not horizontal) I think your girls take after you! I definitely see a resemblance!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

I have no idea what a horizontal laundry shoot is?? We had a vertical one we were were growing up and my dad used to get so mad at all of us kids (7) constantly getting things stuck in it. He finally sealed it off! How far away do your grands live? I have two close by and two 10 hours away. But we still get to see them about 4 times a year...for a week at a time, either there or here. But its hard. Nothing like the hands-on time like you had last weekend with yours is there!

Rebecca said...

Wish I lived closer to OURS! Happy for you - I remember laundry shoots--ours were vertical however! Can't figure out how horizontal would work for laundry - but obviously it's great for the dogs!